Student Celebrations

Student Saint Awards – Chair(s): Executive Board

Every Month. Each month student birthdays are announced and given a special gift. Student awards are given for: Leadership, Character, and other Saint likeness. Teacher and peer student nominated.

St. Nicholas Day – Chair: Karla Hall

December. Do you know the tradition of St. Nicolas Day? Children leave shoes or stockings outside of their bedroom door or on the hearth on December 6 (sometimes with carrots or hay for his white horse or donkey). The next morning, they will find a simple gift, and often a candy cane (which represents his crozier, or staff/shepherd’s crook). It’s a great story because it allows for the opportunity to teach kids about giving to those less fortunate, and to come up with a way to give back during the holiday season. For our St. Nicholas Day Celebration, students put a shoe out in the hallway and we fill it with simple candies and gifts.

First Annual Art Exhibition – Chair(s): Melissa Kroenke

January 27th & 29th 2022. We have some very talented students in our school! Students will have the ability to work together to create collaborative projects as well as have the opportunity to submit individual pieces. The art will be showcased during the “First Annual Art Exhibition” in the school cafeteria and on a virtual platform. Professional Judges will award prizes, top winners will announced.

100th Day of School Celebration – Chair(s): Jennie Krueger

February. Woohoo! We made it to the 100th Day of School. A great annual accomplishment, Students will celebrate will old-fashioned treats and be be congratulated with a brief ceremony.

Decorate the Classroom Doors -Chair(s): Executive Board

Fall. A new spin on the tradtional decorate the door for the classroom. This year Home and School is sponsoring our Teachers for a fun night out at Artsy Haven to create something themselves for their classroom doors!

Popsicle Party @ Track & Field Day – Chair(s): Melissa Plummer

May. Join your class outside for a cold treat. Celebrate the year, we’re almost done!

6th Grade Graduation – Current Co-Chairs: 5th Grade Parents

May. 5th Grade parents work to put on the 6th grade graduation celebration. Families are invited, students are celebrated!

Preschool Graduation – Current Co-chair:

May. Parent(s) of our graduating Preschool class work with Preschool staff to create a special Preschool gradution ceremony for our littliest students. Families are invited, students are celebrated!