Teacher Appreciation and Support

Fall Conferences Teacher Meals – Current Co-Chairs: Stacy Stempek and Carrie Maguire

Our teachers deserve truly the best! They give so much of themselves to our students and we want to show our appreciation! We provide two meals, one for each conference day. In years past, we utilized a potluck format, but this year we had food delivered from local restaurants. Costs Associated: Food/Beverages. Annual Sponsor Amount Needed: $1000.]

Teacher/Staff Christmas Meal – Chair: Brooke Wegener

We love celebrating our teachers – they deserve it! What a Christlike thing to do, to provide a comforting meal for someone you care about, especially during holiday season. In years past, we utilized a potluck format for lunch during school day, but we recently changed it to having foods delivered from a local restaurant. Costs Associated: Food. Annual Sponsor Amount Needed: $1000.]

Teacher & Staff Christmas Gifts – Current Co-Chairs: Cathy Wadas and Deirdre Schoenfelder

A few years ago, we surveyed the teachers and they all agreed they would most appreciate receiving Script Gift cards versus individual student gifts. Home and School organizes these group classroom Christmas gifts for our teachers and school staff. We also provide a monetary reserve to make sure all of our staff receive Script. This is a great fundraiser for our school because a percentage of the Script purchases come directly back to our school. Cost Associated: Printing Forms, Monetary Reserve for Balancing Gifts. Annual Sponsor Amount Needed: $500.

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