Class Representatives

Class Representatives – Current Chair: Executive Board

We are designating one parent volunteer from each class. Class representatives will act as a liaison between the classroom teacher and Home and School. The Class Representatives will check in with the teacher monthly to see if the teacher needs anything or has any events coming up that we can help support; by helping them plan, find volunteers, and supply materials or food. The purpose is not to be helicopter parents or nosy, but to provide teacher support. The Class Representative will also be responsible for organizing teacher appreciation gifts throughout the year and random acts of kindness for the teacher. Class Representatives will meet monthly via zoom to discuss any needs and give ideas to other representatives. Costs Associated: Gifts, Food, and Materials. Annual Sponsor Amount Needed: $1,000.]

2020-2021 Class Representatives

  • Mrs. Carmen/Mrs. M – Amanda Taylor
  • Mrs. Rachel – 
  • Mrs. Langan – Tara Obrist
  • Daycare: Danni –  
  • K – Spencer: Sarah Pillen
  • K – Wemhoff: Natalie Luchsinger
  • 1 – Ferguson: Amanda Taylor
  • 1 – Sevela: Brooke Wegener
  • 2 – Linda Micek: Lori Prizmus
  • 2 – Brezinski: Kelly Cameron
  • 3 – Bruns: Melissa Kroenke
  • 3 – Bartholomew: Paige Young
  • 4 – Harsch: Michelle Raemakers 
  • 4 – Bogus: Jennie Krueger
  • 5 – Halligan: Jenn Jakubowski
  • 6 – Ann Micek: Krystal Dinslage
  • 6 – Strecker: Tina Pelan 
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